Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Profile: Adri

Name: Adri Van der Westhuyzen

Nick name: Mosbolletjie / Voortrekker Adri

Your alter-ego name:
Adri Ferrari


Team Role: The Second Lady

Occupation: Graphic Designer (did I say frustrated?)

Home Town:

Goals: To Live This Life To The Fullest

Best AR Memory: The World's Viewpoint in Pietermaritzburg. Could see about 270degrees of 150kms. (We didnt finish the race, so didnt get to the other great views) Oh, and the Skeleton Gorge Night Trail run in Touwsriver!

Worst AR Memory:
Running out of snacks and a near-drown

Ultimate AR fantasy: Wartrail 2010

Strange hobbies: I send people photos of my 1 year-old Jack Russel? I travel with a small bag of extra-fibre breakfast cereal in my handbag. (family thing)

Guilty indulgence: Good, strong coffee... and Cremora.

Must-have on every race: Water-purifying tablets & vaseline

Sporting history: Bit of this and that at school. Then the "I only run when something is chasing me"... about 8 years ago. Then I started running and must have done close to 9000kms since. Long distance swimming, and in 2009 MTB. Now addicted and loving it.

Preferred discipline: Running... but the bike also got hold of me now.

Worst sporting injury:
Broke both my arms at the same time in grade 6 (long jump) and couldn't swim that summer.

Who do you consider your greatest competition in the team: Sue... because she's female? If not then Mike, coz his jokes are funnier than mine.

Who in the team is the best entertainer: The one that races behind me!

Do you think anyone in the team has a criminal record and for what? Hmm... Mike? (Smoking dubie in his twenties?)

"Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us."

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jeanne said...

Adri ferrari is a legend!