Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Profile: Con

Name: Con Loubser.

Nick name: Fridge Midget.

Your alter-ego name: Pienie.

Age: 38 (but I feel a lot older).

Team Role: Ships' Anchor.

Occupation: Yes, more or less.

Home Town: Joeys.

Goals: Not yet.

Best AR Memory: Seeing daylight on my first 24 hr AR.

Worst AR Memory: Watching William disappear into the abyss at SwaziX '07.

Ultimate AR fantasy: Being able to transition in under 5 minutes.

Strange hobbies: No comment.

Guilty indulgence: Romantic Comedies.

Must-have on every race: strapping tape, sunscreen.

Sporting history: Standard school sports, canoeing (transvaal junior), rock-climbing, mountaineering, MTB.

Preferred discipline: MTB.

Worst sporting injury: Broken collar bone, tennis elbow.

Who do you consider your greatest competition in the team: Fernando feeds us all dust regularly. Now that William has cleats, he'll leave me behind as well.

Who in the team is the best entertainer: Goofy Mike.

Do you think anyone in the team has a criminal record and for what? Anyone other than me?
Motto: Takhare vir vrede!

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