Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Profile: William

Name: William Cairns

Nick name: William, cairnswm

Your alter-ego name: Morgan McKenzie

Age: 40 (just)

Team Role: Captain, hanger-on

Occupation: IT Architect, and Business Owner

Home Town: Randburg

Goals: Finish races - lots of them, one day I'll run one Comrades Marathon

Best AR Memory: The finish of the first race, stumbling into the finish, badly chaffed, tired, sore but we finished!

Worst AR Memory: Not finishing, getting lost in the forest and not getting to the next transition.

Ultimate AR fantasy: XPD Australia, a 900km race in 7 days

Strange hobbies: I am a Computer Dame Designer and Game Developer, I enjoy playing online computer sport-management games

Guilty indulgence: A block of cheese or a packet of raisins in one sitting!

Must-have on every race: Rehydrate

Sporting history: 6 'long' ARs, 2 Marathons, 1 Ultra marathon, 1 stage MTB race, used to play rugby and soccer.

Preferred discipline: I enjoy navigating, an AR is not an AR unless it has navigation. I cant do any of the disciplines well - so dont mind any discipline - they are all just hard work. I do sit on a fence and pass bikes over really well.

Worst sporting injury: ACL playing Rugby, Broken ankle doing an AR (Swazi X)

Who do you consider your greatest competition in the team: Mike, he is supposed to be old (= slow) but he still seems to make me look slow.

Who in the team is the best entertainer: Adri, she never seems to NOT have something to say.

Do you think anyone in the team has a criminal record and for what? Con, probably murder - he is intelligent enough to have covered it up properly.

Motto: On AR: Finish the Race. Personally: Don't be scared, be careful (also applies quite well to AR)


Adri Ferrari said...

Do I talk a lot or email a lot?

Sue B said...

William just proved that he does 'sit on a fence and pass bikes over well'. And he had to do it TWICE on Bonnamanzi! One a 3M high game fence.