Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nando's Profile

Name: Fernando

Nick name: Nando

Your alter-ego name: Flying Portuguese…in my better days

Age: 47years young and maturing gracefully!

Team Role: Not sure yet but prefer the team to be organized, so maybe team manager?

Occupation: Jack of all trades..project management, QA and maintenance engineer.

Home Town: Centurion – south of PTA

Goals: To finish an AR stage race…with the help of my teammates!...climbing up MT. Kilimanjaro…Duzi…Iron Man…. Freedom MTB Challenge

Best AR Memory: Many picturesque views from the top of mountains although seeing a herd of Eland grazing on top of a mountain in the Drakensburg was special.

Worst AR Memory: Bailing out from a leg at Swazi X..feeling sorry for myself for falling, being wet, cold and miserable …but finished the next and final leg.

Ultimate AR fantasy: To experience a 250k or longer race and being able to complete it!

Strange hobbies: Collect all sorts of caps..except for rival rugby and soccer teams.

Guilty indulgence: Coffee in the morning before work as it makes me feel good and ready to speak to clients or contractors on the phone.

Must-have on every race: Plenty of foood please!!!!

Sporting history: Played soccer and tennis at school…but never excelled in any, finished 5x comrades, 3x two oceans, have a few silver medals for marathons, half marathons, 4x Cape Argus, 8x 94.7 races, 1x Sabie Experience MTB stage race….list is longer but decided to list only the important ones.

Preferred discipline: Running although MTB is so much more fun and less taxing on the joints!

Worst sporting injury: Cracking a bone on the arch of my foot and having to take a year off running to recover.

Who do you consider your greatest competition in the team: Con as he loves to sneak up from behind…on his bike.

Who in the team is the best entertainer: Sue…especially during pit stops! and close second for Adri for her laughter and positive attitude to life.

Do you think anyone in the team has a criminal record and for what? Maybe Mike as he is reserved with his thoughts and why does he breed roses!! To protect himself against what I ask?????

Motto: God has created this wonderful paradise around us except the concrete jungle man created so every opportunity I get I am outdoors. In other words “I live for the outdoors”.

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